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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
MARION (April 29, 2013) — At two Marion Community Schools elementaries, Allen and Riverview, a greater percentage of students has already passed the IREAD-3 test during the first round of testing this spring than had passed by the second round of testing after summer remediation last school year.

According to state law, third grade students must demonstrate reading proficiency — by way of passing the IREAD-3 (which is separate from the ISTEP+ test) — before moving on to fourth grade. (There are certain exemptions available in special circumstances. See the state Department of Education’s IREAD website for more information.)

MCS is proud to highlight the progress at Allen and Riverview elementaries, and to note that at Riverview, 92 percent of students have already cleared the IREAD-3 hurdle. Another point of pride: At Frances Slocum Elementary, this spring's passage rate is 16 percentage points higher than last spring's! At Kendall Elementary, the passage rate fell slightly from last spring, but even so three out of four students have passed IREAD-3 at this point. 

District-wide, 78 percent of students passed IREAD-3 during the spring testing period. That’s up from 72 percent last spring. Nearly every other passage rate at the school level is also above last spring’s rate.

Marion Community Schools already has summer classes with heavy emphasis on reading skills set, and third-graders who have not yet passed IREAD-3 will retake the test after summer remediation. 
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
MARION (April 8, 2013) — With Marion Community Schools’ kindergarten roundup set this week and online registration for all grades coming soon, MCS is offering parents an easy new way to determine their elementary school district and transportation options.
With the new Infofinder i search tool, determining which elementary school district is your “home” district is as simple as typing your address. Then, with one click, you’ll learn which of MCS’s four elementary school districts your home is in, along with whether bus transportation is available to your student.
To use Infofinder i, click here.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Kindergarten Roundup is coming! Did you ever stop to think how much experience our teachers have? Check out our ad that ran recently in the local newspaper ... and pass this info along to anyone who might need to know!

To view the ad, click here.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Several students and two teachers were honored March 20, 2013, by the Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees. 

Those honored were:

Grant County Spelling Bee participants Micah Hoeksema, Danielle Manio, Katie Erickson, Zoe Orrell, Caleb Spitzer, Brayton Ramsey, Shane Williams, Erin Weatherly, Isabelle Bento, Jinwon Pae, Logan Barley, and Corbin Havens(not pictured, Hannah Patel, Kahmia Wise). More than half of the top spellers in the bee were Marion Community Schools students. Learn more about the spellers here. Also pictured are Superintendent Steve Edwards and school board members Cathy Moritz, Scott Murphy, Pam Hutchison, Harry Hall, Aaron Vermilion, Greg Kitts, and Katie Morgan.

Frances Slocum Elementary School special education teachers Mandy Myrick and Dee Wiley, who were recently honored as teachers of the year by the Grant County Special Education Cooperative. Learn more about them here. Also pictured are Superintendent Steve Edwards and school board members Cathy Moritz, Scott Murphy, Pam Hutchison, Harry Hall, Aaron Vermilion, Greg Kitts, and Katie Morgan.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
MARION (March 20, 2013) — A Marion Community Schools student tied for runner-up in the Grant County Spelling Bee, and five others were among the top 11 prize-winners.

Jinwon Pae, a fourth-grader at Kendall Elementary School, tied for second at the annual competition hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at College Wesleyan Church. She was among six Grant County students left in the competition by round four. The bee had started with 78 students.

By round five, only three students remained: Jinwon, along with two students from R.J. Baskett Middle School in Gas City, Meagan Aldridge, a sixth-grader, and Madison Jones, an eighth-grader who would go on to win the bee by correctly spelling “zealotry.”

But a front-page story in the Marion Chronicle-Tribune said Jinwon "almost stole the show." To read the newspaper's report, click here.

Kendall Elementary School fourth-grader Jinwon Pae competes in the final round of the Grant County Spelling Bee on March 19, 2013, at College Wesleyan Church in Marion as sixth-grader Meagan Aldridge and eighth-grader Madison Jones, both from R.J. Baskett Middle School in Gas City, look on. Madison went on to win the bee. To see more photos, click here.

Two other MCS students, Micah Hoeksema, an eighth-grader at McCulloch Junior High School, and Logan Barley, a fourth-grader at Riverview Elementary School, tied for fourth place, along with Emma Make, a fourth-grader from Lakeview Christian School.

Three other MCS students, Caleb Spitzer and Hannah Patel, both fifth-graders at Justice Intermediate School, and Danielle Manio, an eighth-grader at McCulloch Junior High School, tied for seventh place, along with Tristan Galeon, a fifth-grader at St. Paul Catholic School, and Seth Kemple, a homeschooled sixth-grader.

The top 11 finishers all earned prizes in the bee, which was in its fifth year at College Wesleyan Church, according to Alan Miller, director of university relations for IWU. For the third year, IWU associate professor of education John McCracken was the pronouncer.

Madison will go on to compete in the National Spelling Bee, set for May 28-30 in Washington, D.C. An all-expenses paid trip for her and a parent or guardian is part of the prize package she received as winner.

The bee is open to all fourth- through eighth-graders in the county. Each MCS elementary school, along with McCulloch Junior High School, sent the winner and runner-up of its school bee to participate in the county bee. Justice Intermediate School sent the winners and runners-up from each grade, fifth and sixth. Along with those who made it into the top 11, MCS participants in the county bee were:
  • Katie Erickson and Zoe Orrell, sixth-graders at Justice Intermediate School
  • Brayton Ramsey and Shane Williams, fourth-graders at Allen Elementary School
  • Erin Weatherly and Kahmia Wise, fourth-graders at Frances Slocum Elementary School
  • Isabelle Bento, fourth-grader at Kendall Elementary School
  • Corbin Havins, fourth-grader at Riverview Elementary School.
All MCS school-level bee winners were honored at the MCS Board meeting on March 20, 2013. Learn more and view pictures here.